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    Sweet Surprises is the super cute, sweet, and unique monthly SUBSCRIPTION BOX by Bakery Charms! When you subscribe, you'll get a box of handmade and curated goodies to fill your month with fun and happiness.

    Inside every Sweet Surprises box are:

    * A special handmade Bakery Charms piece
    * 2-3 small extras supporting the theme of the piece, including an edible treat
    * Coupon code for shopping at Bakery Charms

    The included Bakery Charms piece is usually an exclusive subscribers-only necklace, but it could also be an early release piece, a variation of a current item, or a magnet, keychain, or ring. Whatever it is, it's going to be extra special and worth more than the cost of your subscription.

    The small extras are included solely to support the featured piece and increase the box's fun and cute factors. They are not high value items. Although the Bakery Charms piece is the smallest item in physical size, it has the biggest presence and is at the heart of Sweet Surprises.

    Here's a look back at the June and July 2016 boxes as examples of what you can expect from Sweet Surprises:


    Sweet Surprises launched in April 2015 and is sent to subscribers and other recipients all over the world each month. 

    What It Costs

    Sweet Surprises is $20/month in the US and $25/month elsewhere. Shipping is included with your subscription; however, it is not included with boxes purchased a la carte.

    How to Subscribe

    Shipping Destination

    Choose your shipping destination from the drop-down menu and click "Subscribe" to receive a box every month. Subscribe by the 20th of the month to start your subscription with the next mail-out. For example, subscribe by April 20th to receive the box that ships around May 1.

    If you don't want a subscription but would still like to receive Sweet Surprises, you may make a one-time payment for 1, 3, and 6 months worth of boxes HERE. Shipping is not included when you purchase boxes a la carte.

    When It's Delivered

    All Sweet Surprises boxes are shipped around the first weekday of every month. For example, the April Box is mailed around April 1st (and you must have subscribed by March 20th to receive this box).

    Most deliveries within the US take 3-5 business days.

    International deliveries take approximately 7-10 business days, but please note that delivery to certain countries may take longer, depending on customs and other delays.

    How to Unsubscribe

    If you ever decide that you no longer want to receive Sweet Surprises in the mail, you can cancel your subscription and unsubscribe at any time. Simply log into your PayPal account and click "Settings" in the menu. Then click "Pre-approved payments" under Payment Settings, select Sweet Surprises, and click "Cancel."